A: Excellent. Work demonstrates a clear understanding of the concept and an in-depth study of the project. Work is clean and polished and all details have been given attention. Finished project is attractive and represents successful risk taking and experimentation. Student is professional and enthusiastic toward instruction and shows interest to explore beyond the classroom. Student has personalized the assignment, is confident in his/her finished assignment and is able to verbalize thought processes. Student demonstrates an interest in discovering the work of his/her contemporaries and demonstrates the ability to discuss work with peers and professor.

B: Good. Work demonstrates an obvious effort towards mastery of the concept and understanding of the project as well as an above average attention to detail and professionalism. Finished project is attractive but not necessarily surprising. Student is able to verbalize thought processes and is receptive toward receiving feedback as well as interested in discovering the work of contemporaries. Student exhibits a positive, professional attitude and an enthusiasm towards instruction.

C: Average. Work contains all discussed requirements. An attempt has been made to follow directions, however the work demonstrates limited inspiration and lacks in depth of understanding. A "checklist" project: one that simply attempts completion. Project is turned in on time. Student is involved in verbalizing thought processes but demonstrates lack of clarity in decision making and shallow idea exploration. Student shows basic understanding of concepts and procedures and displays a positive, professional attitude toward instruction.

D: Below average. Work contains few discussed requirements or directions have been misinterpreted. Basic concepts and skills are disregarded or are underdeveloped. Project is sloppy and does not portray a professional attitude. Student is unable or unwilling to clearly verbalize thought processes. Student seems unaware of the classroom environment and is disconnected from the activities of his/her peers.

F: Failing. Project does not meet criteria or is not complete. Student demonstrates a lack of interest in professionalism and the goals of the class. Project is void of any thought process. Student may be frequently absent or simply shows no attachment to learning.