Tips for creating a compelling portfolio

Think about your unique approach to design and ways you can convey that in your portfolio.

Add your unique style & personal touch

Strong personal branding is critical to your freelancing success. Do not shy away from expressing your unique talents and style in your presentation.

Show off your specialization and play to your strengths

Building a portfolio that centers on the type of client work you want to do will create a concise, focused presentation.

Limit your portfolio to 3-6 case studies or projects

You want to answer the question If I hire this designer, what will my experience be like?”

Make sure each case study or project has a hero image

Hero images are those big bold photos that invite the viewer to see the end result of a project. You can use professional mock-ups or create your own to present your work. Think of this image as a summary image that encourages the viewer to take a more detailed look at your case study.

Use simple, clean layouts

Make sure your portfolio layout only has the most essential items shown at one time. For example, for the first page of a case study, ask yourself, What helps tell the story here?” and What shows off this work the best?”

Write story-driven narratives that solve problems

This approach adds more depth to your words and is more like a one-on-one conversation rather than a pitch.